Upcoming Events

The Institute of Musical Arts proudly announces our 8th Storytelling Concert Season: get your tickets to the upcoming performances:

Women’s Voices
Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.

On Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 2:00 p.m., the Institute of Musical Arts welcomes back the tenth installment of our WOMEN’S VOICES Storytelling Concert Series, with their performance, “Why We Tell Stories”.

As our Women’s Voices storytellers gather for a new TELL ME A STORY workshop, they ask, “Why do we keep coming back? Why do we tell stories? We can’t all be crazy!” Amidst their laughter and musings, they start to recall stories from years past that have been important to them. They realize that there are  stories that still need to be told, stories from their memories and life experiences that will be lost if they don’t share them.  Then they know, “This is why we return year after year. This is why we tell stories.”

You can buy tickets online: https://whywetellstories.eventbrite.com, or by visiting our website: http://www.imalosangeles.com. You may also pay by cash, check or credit card, at the IMA office, while supplies last. As is our custom at the Institute of Musical Arts, a catered reception will follow the performance.

Ours is a small, intimate theater, and we do expect that this concert will sell out. So please, purchase your tickets today. Tickets for the performance are $20.00. For additional information call: (323) 300-6578.

We really hate the thought of disappointing anyone, so please call us at least TWO HOURS BEFORE the performance to verify ticket availability if you do not purchase your ticket in advance.  For additional information call: (323) 300-6578.

And mark your calendar for the following future IMA peformance:

Yvette Brandy – “The Sword Dance”

Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.

Yvette Brandy is a singer, songwriter and storyteller. Born and raised on St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands, Yvette weaves West Indian history and culture into dynamic performances of West Indian Anansi stories, “Jumbie” (Ghost) tales, historical and multicultural stories, as well as her own personal and original stories. Her stories come alive with the melodic intonations of multiple dialects paired with traditional and original musical compositions.

This will be Yvette’s sixth performance at the Institute of Musical Arts. Previous audiences have been transfixed in Yvette’s self-authored stage plays and musicals such as, “Caribbean Gems”, “Saltfish and Dumplings”, “Calypso Born Me”, “The Awakening”, and “Under the Mango Tree.” She has performed her original music at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse and was part of an ensemble cast for “Unsung Heroes: Legends of Los Angeles”. Yvette’s storytelling and beautiful songs transfix her audiences. She has performed with the California Philharmonic Chorale and Orchestra; has written several musicals and a four-part harmony choral composition, “Virgin Islands Christmas”. In addition to her writing and stage performances, Yvette conducts seminars and workshops for parents, professionals, and aspiring storytellers.